3 Ways to Save a Marriage & Feel Happier

3 Ways to Save a Marriage & Feel Happier

You have been feeling unhappy for months!  Maybe years.  

Although a marriage in trouble is upsetting, it can often be repaired more easily than you think.

Many couples start to come apart once kids arrive or they become immersed in their career development. 

They experience financial troubles, health concerns, extended family conflicts, parenting issues, infidelity and other stresses that put a lot of strain on a marriage. 

So many Wives desperately want to convince their husband’s to go to counseling, but their husbands continue to refuse to go.  This leaves women feeling defeated, hopeless and lost.

Although not having a spouse on board to create a better marriage is upsetting, it can often be repaired more easily than you think. And that is where the Soulify Marriage Saver Method comes in.

To save a marriage with a partner that is resistant to going to therapy, the Wife must first address the impact that these stressors have had on her personally before tackling the impact on the marriage. She does this by healing the pain from the stressors.  Once that is done, she will show-up differently in her  marriage because she feels lighter & happier. Her  partner will open up too because she is more approachable, and he will feel safer to share his opinions without being judged, nagged or criticized.

So Let’s Now Dig A Bit Deeper into the 3 Specific Strategies That Will Save a Marriage!

Reprogram Your Ingrained Beliefs

Ingrained beliefs are those beliefs that are projected onto us by caregivers and society.  These beliefs start forming from the moment we enter the world.  

By age 6, children have an understanding as to what they believe to be right & wrong, fair & unfair, good & bad. As we travel into adulthood, this belief system gets reinforced by societal forces. 

 A great example is that a man should always hold a door for a woman. And because you hold this belief, you may feel resentful or unloved if your partner does not open the door for you.


Reprogram Limiting Beliefs

Limiting beliefs are negative thoughts and opinions that we think are true about ourselves. Or they can be considered false beliefs within ourselves that prevent us from taking action to pursue our dreams.  

These beliefs keep us from doing or saying things that feel true to our hearts. Overtime, if you don’t follow your heart you will feel overwhelmed and exhausted because you are doing things you don’t truly enjoy.

An example is feeling unworthy of compliments!  You don’t think you are good at cooking because your mom judged and criticized your cooking.  So if your partner gives you a compliment about a meal you made, you have trouble believing that it is true.

Another is going to College to study Science because being a lab tech had greater income potential than enrolling in a Dance Arts program which felt true to your heart.

Process Unprocessed Emotions

Lastly, it is important to process emotions that have come from mini or major traumas from childhood and adulthood.  Often as children or young adult we are not taught how to release emotions that we feel.  Some women are taught to suppress their emotions, while others unleash them with rage.  

For example-  At age 8, your parents did not talk to you about your feelings when they got divorced.  Or maybe you witnessed your friend get bullied but you kept the sadness inside you.  

These unprocessed emotions of feeling angry, sad, or not loved may create a block in your marriage. This block could be preventing you from allowing others to love you.

Let me tell you this… 

Wives  have the ability to transform their marriages. They truly are the catalyst for change. 

When wives heal from within, they get results. They  show-up in a new empowering way, and their husband’s will see them differently-  happier, a good communicator, approachable. The energy in the home will shift. It takes two to argue and the wife  will no longer be triggered. This creates permanent change.

Where to Start?

Start with a journal. List out your limiting beliefs, ingrained beliefs and mini/major traumas.  This will get your rolling with starting to identify the “stuff” that is bubbling below your marriage struggles.

This work is best done with a professional relationship Therapist or Marriage Coach to help you process the information that is discovered and the emotions that arise with the information.

YES! I am want support and am READY to Save My Marriage in 10-Weeks!

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