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Saving Your Marriage In Only 10-weeks
Marriage Tips

The Real Reason Couples are Unhappy

You see, you’re not alone! 80% of couples are unhappy. That’s a lot of unhappy people! So many couples are stuck in the ongoing cycles of frustrating miscommunications, recurring arguments and nasty blowups! Doing what you are doing is not fixing your marriage problems (otherwise you most likely wouldn’t be here). Your relationship is doing

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Infidelity & Trust

5 Ways to Rebuild Trust after an Affair

So your husband cheated! It is heart-shattering and life-changing news! There are no words to describe the magnitude of pain and betrayal! You may have suspected he had been cheating for some time, but now it is real!  And on some level, it may feel good to finally know the truth! But you still don’t

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Marriage Problems Tips

3-Ways to save your Marriage When Your Spouse Doesn’t Want to Change

I have always been a romantic at heart. And I think I owe my unrealistic expectations of marriage to watching too many Disney movies as a kid! I thought a relationship should be an epic love story where the husband forever lovingly looks into his wife’s eyes.. Now fast track to 12-years of marriage, 3

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Stop fighting in front of child

Should You Fight In Front Of Your Kids

Having kids put a huge strain on my marriage. Weeks into being new parents, I felt like I was stuck at home with a baby who didn’t sleep well and a postpartum body. My son had trouble gaining weight and he wouldn’t take a bottle.  Since breastfeeding was his main source for nutrition, I could

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