What is the
success rate
of hypnosis?

According to research studies hypnosis has a 93% success rate. The success rate of hypnosis involves attending less sessions than both behavioral and psychotherapy.

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Soulify Wellness specializes in helping women

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a deep meditation that has been referred to as “meditation on steroids” that taps into the subconscious mind to create positive change in your life. The subconscious holds all memories, beliefs, thoughts and habits.  It is 95% of our brain power.  While the conscious mind (or the thinking mind)  is only 5% of our brain power.  The conscious mind is responsible for planning, analyzing and organizing. Hypnosis helps women to release and reprogram habits, behaviours, emotions, limiting beliefs that have been keeping them stuck in unhealthy habits.

The Soulify Method of hypnosis is deeply rooted in psychology and neuroscience. Beth will identify the root causes to her clients’ symptoms, unwanted behaviours or emotions. She will then release the roots which often stem from past relationships and childhood.

Myths about Hypnosis

Does Hypnosis actually work?

Hypnosis has been scientifically proven and recent studies have confirmed its effectiveness. As a growing body of scientific research supports its benefits in treating a wide range of conditions, including pain, depression, anxiety, weight loss and phobias.

How Quickly will I see Results?

How do I know if hypnosis worked?

During the session, you will feel a calm or peaceful feeling flow over you.  Additionally, you may feel a release, like an energetic exhale, or a weight lift off.  Your subconscious may reveal an insight or an action step while in hypnosis that will empower you to make the change in your day to day life. 

After the session, you may not even notice the change at first.  However, it eventually occurs to you that you are no longer experiencing the unwanted habits and patterns in your life. Sometimes in order to fully integrate the positive change in your life, there may be something in your day-to-day life that needs to be said or done to finish the unraveling of the old habit. 

Why do you choose hypnosis over other modalities?

Talk therapy, journalling, vision boards… are all fantastic. However, hypnosis combines both psychology, neuroscience and energetics. Hypnosis puts you in a relaxing, trance like state called the ‘theta brain wave’ state. While in this state, clients can quickly release old habits, beliefs and emotions because their ‘busy thinking brain’ is not as active. While in this deeply relaxed state you can rewire your physical brain to create a new neural pathway that supports your new belief, thought pattern or habit.  

Book your Hypnosis Session

Free 15-minute Consult (Virtual  Discovery Call)- This call is an opportunity to have your questions answered and to see if hypnosis is right for you. No treatment or advice will be provided.   Hypnosis & Hypno-Journey Session (Virtual)- 90-minutes. Cost- $220cdn $195usd.    During your Hypnosis & Hypno-Journey Session, you will be taken on a guided journey into your subconscious mind. While on this journey, you will heal times from your past that have contributed negatively to your current reality. Once these past memories are healed, the unhealthy patterns, thoughts and habits that you were experiencing will dissipate. Session Location- Your session will be virtual. It is recommended that you find a quiet and comfortable spot for our session. Headphones are recommended but not required. You will be sent an audio track to listen to during our session.
  • Sessions are booked virtually, unless a request is submitted for an in person session.
  • Results achieved through hypnosis depend greatly on the client’s serious participation and their true desire to create positive life lasting change. 
  • A 2nd session, or a 3rd session may be required in order to further integrate the lasting changes.
  • A $50.00 deposit by Visa or MasterCard is required to confirm your session times. 
  • 48 hours notice must be given if you decide to cancel or reschedule your session. 
  • Your deposit will not be refunded if less than 48-hours  notice is given.

About Beth

Beth is a Certified Hypnotist, Teacher of Psychology & Marriage Coach. She has appeared in major media publications such as MacClean’s Magazine, CTV, the London Free Press and has been a guest on dozens of podcasts & blogs. 

She specializes in helping women eliminate the root causes that lead to overwhelm and stress. Beth helps women to love their bodies and lose weight by hypnotizing them to stop unhealthy habits such as evening snacking and overeating. She supports women by helping them release guilt, shame, low self worth and fear associated with emotional pain from past relationships and childhood. 

She Specializes In Helping Women

  • Lose weight and have more Energy.
  • Eliminate Evening Snacking & Overeating.
  • Stop Biting Your Nails.
  • Eliminate Overwhelm, Stress and Emotional Exhaustion.
  • Release Guilt & Shame
  • Reprogram Fears & Phobias
  • Heal Emotional Pain from past relationships and childhood.
  • Eliminate marriage struggles by releasing Resentment, Anger, and Rebuilding Trust.
  • Transforming marriages into relationships filled with mutual love, connection and support.

Why Choose Beth

Beth Miller has spent over two decades in the wellness industry. She has supported hundreds of women with their transformations. She is an expert in working with the subconscious mind. Beth uses her intuitive gifts to support women with releasing emotions, beliefs and habits that are keeping them stuck in unhealthy patterns.  She combines psychology, neuroscience and energetics to help align women with their desired outcome. The power of hypno-journeying (hypnosis) has been a game changer for the women she coaches.

What do I love most about my job?

I love when I hear back from my clients days later, and they share with me that they are not snacking at night, feeling lighter, happier, and calmer. It is incredible to see the issues that they have been struggling with for years, reverse so quickly.


My Happy Clients!


Most frequent questions and answers
  • Hypnosis is different from what you’ve seen onstage at “comedy hypnosis” shows.
  • Hypnosis is not magic.
  • Hypnosis does not create miracle healing.
  • Everyone can be hypnotized (if you have the intellectual ability to follow instructions).
  • Hypnosis is not the same as sleeping. 
  • Hypnotists are not doctors and can not diagnose conditions
  • Hypnosis cannot change the human appearance. 
  • Hypnosis cannot heal wounds. It can relieve pain and reduce stress to help the wound be healed quicker.
  • Hypnotists can’t trick you into doing things that would go against your values.
  • Adverse reactions to hypnosis are rare, but may include: headache, drowsiness or dizziness.
  • People who have been diagnosed with a Psychotic Disorder and have symptoms such as delusions, hallucinations and multiple personalities are not the best candidates for hypnosis.
  • A hypnotist cannot make you perform actions that are against your wishes.
  • For example- if you attend a session to stop eating M&Ms, but you don’t actually want to stop, the session will not work.  You have to want the change for it to be effective.
  • You absolutely, positively CANNOT get stuck in a state of hypnosis.
  • There are no documented instances of clients going into a trance and not being able to wake up.
  • Hypnosis is a form of trance. You go in and out of it everyday.  For example- when binge watching TV, mindlessly scrolling on social media, or long car rides.
  • During your hypnotherapy session clients are monitored very closely.
  • At the end of the session, clients emerge from the relaxing state of hypnosis by listening to the hypnotist count from 1 to 5 with instructions on how to re-open their eyes.
  • Once the client is back in the Alpha or Beta brain wave state, they will be asked some questions to ensure that they are out of the Theta (trance) brain wave state.
  • Yes, in the most positive way.
  • During hypnosis, you are in a theta brainwave state. 
  • This is the best state for accessing the subconscious mind and releasing the beliefs and habits that have led to a particular habit. 
  • Once the behavior associated with the old habit stops, then the power of neuroplasticity takes full effect and rewires the neurons that used to communicate, “I want to eat when I am stressed” with a new firing message,  “I feel upset, but I can process my emotions without the comfort of food”.
  • No.
  • Hypnosis can only work with what beliefs and values that the client holds.
  • The fundamental principle of hypnosis is that each individual has everything they need within them to deal with their issues and change their behaviour.
  • Deeply relaxed.
  • Calm.
  • Cozy.
  • Physically and mentally relaxed.
  • Once you’ve entered a hypnotic state, it’s totally natural for your body to release any emotions that you have been carrying around for years, and maybe since childhood. 
  • If you experience strong emotions of sadness, anger- you will be encouraged to let them out.
  • What professional training have you attended? 
  • Do you have insurance? 
  • Can you give me some evidence that you have worked with my condition and got a result? 
  • Where do you practice?
  • Why are you the right person to treat my condition?
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