End Overeating, Overindulging & Snacking Program

Put an end to unhealthy eating habits and lose weight

This transformational program will reprogram the reasons why you eat mindlessly, when stressed out or out of boredom.  You will take a deep dive into why you are currently Overeating, Overindulging & Snacking when not hungry. You will reprogram your beliefs around food and break the old eating habits. Get ready to transform your life and health!  This program will teach you how to not eat if you are not hungry, and cope with boredom and stress eating.  You will get to a place where you no longer think about food in the same way. The old patterns of eating and perceiving food will be reprogrammed.  And you will gain clarity on how to create new healthy habits around food that will be automatic. As a result you may lose a few pounds too!! 

Who’s This Program For?

Food comforts you

You continue to eat even if full

Mindlessly snack in the evenings

You think you have to eat less, exercise more to lose weight

You have tried dieting and it failed

What’s Included?

How it Works

  • You will get an exclusive membership that includes 5-modules
  • At your own pace you will listen, watch and review each module.
  • Within each workshop, you will learn the proven and tested Soulify Method that guarantees to transform your eating habits, life and health.
  • This method is formulated based on the most up to date research on psychology and neuroscience.
  • The workshops will guide you through the process of rewiring and reprogramming the mind so that you can change your eating habits!
  • As a result, you will automatically change how you react and interact with food, so that you truly only eat with control and when you are hungry.
  • Approximately – 6-weeks to complete

The Profound Power of Hypno-Journeying

Doing a Hypno-Journey is like doing a deep meditation that is rooted in hypnosis. Hypno-Journeying has been called “Meditation on Steroids”.  It is a powerful, natural and highly effective tool used to quiet the conscious mind and access the deeply rooted  beliefs, emotions and habits in the subconscious that have led to years of unhealthy eating habits. During the Hypno-Journey you will enter a deep meditative state that will help you release and reprogram your food habits. And as a result, you will take your power and control back over food, lose weight and feel more confident!

Private 1-on-1 Sessions 

You will get access to booking discounted private coaching sessions with a Beth if you desire to  take a deep dive into triggers and situations that are currently causing you to overeat, overindulge or snack.

In this Program you will

How will my Eating Habits Transform?

  • You will BECOME the healthy person you want to be that feels incontrol of their eating habits. 
  • You will feel the joy of being a size that feels aligned to you!
  • You will feel AMAZING in your clothes.
  • You will enjoy food because you trust your intuition and body’s needs.
  • You will be able to be around sweets and treats and not feel the urge to snack.
  • You will always ACT from a place of self-love, confidence, worth and deservingness with such ease!  
  • Instantly RECOGNIZE your triggers, emotions, limiting beliefs and unwanted habits that have been wreaking havoc on your eating habits. 
  • You will uncover the many layers of hurt and pain that have been building  up over years to create unhealthy patterns of eating and snacking. 
  • You will RELEASE the stored and stuck emotions from your past relationships and childhood that have contributed to the cycles of poor eating habits. 
  • You will no longer feel TRAPPED under heavy emotions from past mini or major traumatic events that you experienced.

Here is a Glimpse into The End Overeating, Overindulging, and Snacking Program

There is so much goodness in the “End Overeating, Overindulging and Snacking” Program, that we wanted to be sure to give you a glimpse of it here. After completing the 5-Modules and the hypno-journeys over the course of a month, your life and eating habits will 100% transform (in the best of ways!)

Module 1- What is Hypno-Journeying?

The secret to the Soulify Method is Hypno-Journeying. It has been coined “meditation on steroids”.  So before you start the program, I will teach you how to master the art of  meditation.  You will finally learn how to quiet that busy mind chatter and fall into a deeply relaxed state.  The true transformation happens in this state. I will guide you on a journey where you will release stuck emotions and beliefs from your past that have kept you in unhealthy patterns within your life and relationship.

Module 2- True You

I am so excited for you to truly meet the “true you”. She has been there your whole life, but has been lost under years of neglecting your authentic self and self-sabotaging behaviours. When you realign with your authentic self, you will begin to feel more aligned, happy and energetic.  This reconnection to your authentic self will make you feel so empowered about taking your control back over food. I will help you reconnect with your true you, and unleash the power of her so that you can manifest your desired self!

Module 3- Why Do You Eat? (Triggers)

A trigger is when an unwanted or negative emotion arises within us, that we do not desire to feel. Triggers are these wonderful hints into the reasons why you eat! I will teach you how to neutralize your triggers and shadows, so you can put an end to mindless eating, overeating and snacking. You will learn how to identify and heal from your past and present experiences that may be leading to your unhealthy eating habits.

Module 4- Body Love and Intuition

Release low self confidence, low worth and self-judgment that are associated with a negative body image. Learn to fall in love with yourself and feel confident inside and out. Also  learn how to trust your intuition.  You will learn to trust your intuition, along with having a better understanding of your thoughts so you can eat in a way that is aligned with your body’s needs. You will further release unwanted emotions and thoughts that have been keeping you stuck on the hamster wheel of dieting and poor eating habits.

Module 5- Releasing the Attachment to Food- Cord Cutting

As humans, we emotionally bond with certain people in our lives. When this happens, an energetic cord or attachment is formed between you and that other person. This connection can turn into an attachment- either positive or negative. As we move through our lives, learning, growing, evolving — we must let go of the things that no longer serve us. I will help you detach from aspects of your past or current relationships (romantic partners, family, friends or other people) that may be blocking you from the love, connection and manifestations that you truly desire.

Bonus- Boundaries & Food

We all need boundaries. A boundary defines a limit that you have set in order to honor your authentic self. A boundary is a clear message, communicated through words and actions. It is essential to create a healthy relationship with food. I will teach you how to effortlessly define, tighten and hold all your boundaries.


Select the Program that is Best for You!

End Overeating, Overindulging and Snacking Program

Exclusive Membership & Access to SOULFIY “End Overeating, Overindulging & Snacking” Program
$ 247
  • 5 Modules
  • 7 Hypno-Journey Tracks (deep meditations on steroids)
  • Discounted Private Coaching Sessions with Beth
  • Instant Access to ‘Soulify Digital Library’
  • Lifetime access to the content (6-weeks to complete the program)
  • Two downloadable e-books, “How to Hypno-Journey” & “The List”
  • BONUS #1- Workshop- Boundaries & Food
  • Payment Plans


Beth Miller

Beth Miller is a Marriage Coach, Wife, Mom, Certified Hypnotist, Teacher of Psychology & Reiki Practitioner.  She supports women with fixing their marriage struggles even when their partners don’t want to change. 

Beth helps women transform their lives and marriages by transforming themselves through the power of releasing the subconscious beliefs, thoughts and habits that have kept them stuck in unhealthy patterns within their marriage.  Once the unhealthy habits and patterns have been reprogrammed, then the magic occurs.  The husbands’ of her clients begin to feel more open and secure to share their true thoughts, as they no longer feel judged, nagged or criticized.  The connection, love and intimacy returns once the communication and trust has been rebuilt.


My Happy Clients!

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