Hypno-Journey Collection (Monthly Membership )

Do you feel stuck, desiring more and are ready to try something new?

Join the many women who love this monthly subscription. This subscription is a must have for any woman who is ready to uplevel their life and make a transformational shift within their relationships, wealth, career and well-being.

Hypno-Journeying is 100% effective at unblocking limiting beliefs and unwanted emotions.  Once the limiting beliefs and unwanted emotions are out of the way, you can unleash your true power by reprogramming and strengthening new neural pathways. And as a result, you will uplevel your life by creating wealth, relationships and well-being that you so truly desire.

Doing a Hypno-Journey is like doing a deep meditation that is rooted in hypnosis. Hypno-Journeying has been called “Meditation on Steroids”.  It is a powerful, natural and highly effective tool used to quiet the conscious mind and access the deeply rooted  beliefs, emotions and habits in the subconscious. During the Hypno-Journey you will enter a deep meditative state. While listening to the audio, it will take you on a journey into your subconscious mind. 

Hypno-Journeying is rooted in Psychology & Neuroscience. Each hypno-journey was designed using the theories of renowned Psychologists such as Freud, Erikson and Piaget. 

The power of Hypno-Journeying will break down beliefs, emotions, thoughts & habits that drive our unhealthy patterns of actions.  It will also prune and rewire old beliefs and create new neural pathways that support the new desired thought pattern.

Hypno-journeying easily accesses the root of ingrained beliefs and unwanted emotions that are keeping women stuck, and allows them to release and reprogram these beliefs and emotions.

This form of deep meditation uses music that deeply relaxes you into a theta brain wave state. A theta brain wave state occurs naturally. An example of when you are in this state is just before falling asleep and when you are waking up.

Hypno-Journey Facts

Who’s this Program For?

Who’s This Program For?

Your soul is screaming to live a better life!

You are sooooo ready to create the most unbelievable life of your wildest dreams

You feel frustrated by the lack of results showing up in your life

You feel overwhelmed, exhausted and are tired of “this is just the way it has to be”​

You feel stuck and hopeless that things will ever change and are ready for clarity!

What’s Included?

Here are a few examples of the OVER 20+ hypnosis tracks that you will get

How it Works

  • It is recommended that you listen to a hypno-journey (deep meditation track) every other day, or as needed.
  • Use it as your daily meditation practice.
  • To select a hypno-journey,  it is recommended that you pick your hypno-journey based on the unwanted emotion that you are currently feeling or what is triggering you that day.
  • A trigger is a situation, words, behaviours that cause you to feel unwanted emotions (such as shame, guilt, anger, sadness etc.).
  • Be sure to select a hypno-journey that will specialize in rewiring and neutralizing the specific  trigger and unwanted emotion that you are currently feeling.
  • Examples of how to Pick a Hypno-Journey-
    • If you are feeling self doubt around getting a promotion, listen to the “Self Doubt” Hypno-Journey. 
    • If you are feeling like you can’t trust your partner when seeing them on their phone, listen to the “Trust” Hypno-Journey. 
    • If you are scared of being alone, listen to the “Fear” Hypno-Journey. 
    • If you feel exhausted from doing so much work around the house, listen to the “Boundaries” hypno-journey.
    • If you feel ungrounded or exhausted, listen to the “True You” Hypno-Journey.

What Our Clients Are Saying...

how to save your marriage testiminal
Saving Your Marriage In Only 10-weeks
how to save your marriage testiminal
how to save your marriage testiminal

The Hypno-Journey Collection will help you

Here is a Glimpse into the Most Powerful Hypno-Journeys within this Collection

There is so much goodness in the “Soulify Hypno-Journey” Collection, that we wanted to be sure to give you a glimpse of it here. After the 12-months, you will be a new and better version of you!  Your life and marriage will 100% transform (in the best of ways!)

True You Hypno-Journey

This is an emotional one! I will help you reconnect with your true you, and unleash the power of her so that you can manifest your desired life, relationships and abundance. This is a beautiful meditation that will help you realign with the version of you that has been there your whole life, but has been lost under years of neglecting your authentic self. This reconnection to your authentic self will make you feel happier within your life, allowing you to create a life that flows naturally and with ease

save your marriage

The List Hypno-Journey

This is so powerful!  Manifestation is where your thoughts and your energy create your reality. You do not have to ask the universe for your dreams and desires to enter your life, because you were born with it! Create your dream manifestation list packed with all your hearts’ desires. Then listen to this incredible hypno-journey and see yourself in 1-year, 5-years and 10-years into the future.

Trust Hypno-Journey

Answers will come faster!  This hypno-journey will help you trust your intuition and those around you, as you release hurt and pain from your past where you did not trust or felt gullible.  Once you have released the emotions from these past events, you will feel lighter and can make choices easier.

Trigger Hypno-Journey

Feel lighter after this hypno-journey. Release unwanted or negative emotions that arise throughout your day. Triggers are these wonderful hints into the inner work that still needs to be done! Embrace these triggers. This hypno-journey will help you neutralize your triggers and shadows, so you rarely will feel angry, sad, guilty, embarrassed, fearful  (just to get started)  again!  You will be given insights into how to automatically and gracefully respond to others’ words and situations, without sacrificing parts of yourself.

Healing Inner Child Hypno-Journey​

Heal your past traumas. Everyone has an inner child. Your inner child can capture the playfulness you demonstrated in childhood, but it can also hold the emotions and memories associated with challenging times.The memories associated with challenging times from your past, could be considered your ‘wounded’ inner child.This hypno-journey will help you heal the wounded aspects of your inner child, so that you can release the pain and hurt from the mini and major traumas of your past.  Disclaimer- you will not relive your traumas, but instead you will feel empowered as the memory will no longer hold you hostage.

True You Relationship Hypno-Journey

You are worthy of true love and a healthy relationship!  Release the unhealthy patterns in your current and past relationships in order to create the space to manifest the relationships that you truly desire. This hypno-journey will also help you reprogram attachments you had with past partners.

Boundaries Hypno-Journey

Feel empowered with this hypno-journey. We all need boundaries. A boundary defines a limit that you have set in order to honor your authentic self. A boundary is a clear message, communicated through words. It is essential to healthy relationships. This hypno-journey will help you effortlessly define, tighten and hold all your boundaries. 

Navigating Challenges Hypno-Journey

Surpass challenges that you encounter in your life with clarity, ease, confidence and deservingness by listening to this hypno-journey!

Rut & Stuck Hypno-Journey

Get unstuck quicker as you release a certain pattern of behavior that stops your momentum and makes it difficult to change. This hypno-journey will help you get back into alignment so that you can receive clear steps on what to do next and how to take aligned action so that you can get unstuck and emerge from your rut or rock bottom.

save a marriage

Cord Cutting Hypno-Journey

This is such a freeing hypno-journey. As humans, we emotionally bond with certain people in our lives. When this happens, an energetic cord or attachment is formed between you and that other person. We must let go of the things that no longer serve us. This hypno-journey will help you detach from aspects of your past or currentrelationships (romantic partners, family, friends or other people) that may be blocking you from the love, connection and manifestations that you truly desire.



MEMBERSHIP- Hypno-Journey Collection (1-year)
$ $24
Per Month
  • Access to 20+ Hypno-Journey Collection


Beth Miller

Beth Miller is a Marriage Coach, Wife, Mom, Certified Hypnotist, Teacher of Psychology & Reiki Practitioner.  She supports women with fixing their marriage struggles even when their partners don’t want to change. 

Beth helps women transform their lives and marriages by transforming themselves through the power of releasing the subconscious beliefs, thoughts and habits that have kept them stuck in unhealthy patterns within their marriage.  Once the unhealthy habits and patterns have been reprogrammed, then the magic occurs.  The husbands’ of her clients begin to feel more open and secure to share their true thoughts, as they no longer feel judged, nagged or criticized.  The connection, love and intimacy returns once the communication and trust has been rebuilt.


My Happy Clients!

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