Soulify Signature Manifestation Program

Ready to uplevel your relationships, wealth & well-being?

The Soulify Method Signature Program is for women who want to live the life of their dreams! It is an all-in-one, everything-you-could-possibly-need-to-know program for making your dreams come true.  The Soulify Method guarantees to completely shift your relationships, wealth and well-being by eliminating all the blocks that are keeping you from living the reality you most desire. 

The Soulify approach to manifesting your dream life is different than most. It doesn’t involve vision boards and waiting. Instead it uses the principles of psychology, neuroscience,  energetics, universal laws, hypnosis and meditation. It is rooted in science and is much more effective, sustainable and adaptive to each person’s unique style of manifestation. 

This program will take a deep dive into correcting the unhealthy patterns within your life.  The Soulify Signature Program will help you to create a reality where you identify, release and reprogram deeply rooted beliefs, thought patterns and habits  that may be blocking things and people that you so truly desire and crave.  

The Soulify Method will teach you how to trust your intuition, feel worthy of your wildest dreams and love yourself unconditionally.  You will get to a place where you no longer feel stuck.  Your old patterns of dysfunction will be reprogrammed.  And you will gain clarity on what to do next. 

You will completely rewire your subconscious mind (the part of your mind that is responsible for most of your thoughts, habits and emotions). You will release the things that are getting in the way of you receiving the things you want. You will tap into the limitless potential of your being.

This life changing program transforms all aspects of your life, allowing you to step-in the wealth, relationships and well-being that you have always desired, with clarity and confidence on your terms. 

Are you ready to create a life full of love, abundance, balance, freedom, and a deeper connection to those around you?

Get ready to transform your life!  Let’s get started!

Who’s This Program For?

You feel lost, confused and are ready for clarity

Your soul is screaming to live a better life!

You feel frustrated by the lack of results showing up in your life

You feel overwhelmed, exhausted and are tired of “this is just the way it has to be”​

You feel stuck and hopeless that things will ever change and are ready for clarity!

What’s Included?

How it Works

  • You will listen, watch and review each module at your own pace.
  • Within each module you will learn the proven and tested Soulify Method that guarantees to transform your life, relationships, wealth and well-being.
  • This method was formulated based on the most up to date research on psychology and neuroscience.
  • The modules will guide you through the process of rewiring and reprogramming the mind so that you can change the trajectory of your life and marriage.
  • As a result, you will automatically change how you react and interact with your partner, so that your words and actions wholeheartedly come from a place of love, authenticity and clarity.
Private 1-on-1 Sessions

You will get three 90-minute private coaching sessions with a Beth (a marriage coach and certified hypnotist). During these sessions you will take a deep dive into triggers and situations that are currently causing you to feel stressed and overwhelmed in your life.

Daily Messenger Support

You will be able to ask a burning question each week via a messenger app.  It is like having my direct phone number. You will receive a personalized reply back with customized strategies and advice on how to overcome that situation.

Groups Q&A Call

Each month there is a 1-hour group coaching call. On each call you will be given a mini one-on-one coaching session.  You may ask questions about your current  situation and triggers that you need some support with. This call is an opportunity to be given a personalized plan of action on how to overcome the challenge. You will also be able to hear questions and the advice and strategies given to other members.

In this Program you will

How will My Life Transform?

Here is a Glimpse at the Soulify Signature Program

There is so much goodness in the “Soulify Signature” Program, that we wanted to be sure to give you a glimpse of it here. After the 12-weeks, you will be a new and better version of you!  Your life, relationships, wealth and well-being will 100% transform (in the best of ways!)

Module 1- What is Hypno-Journeying?

The secret to the Soulify Method is Hypno-Journeying. It has been coined “meditation on steroids”.  So before you start the program, I will teach you how to master the art of  meditation.  You will finally learn how to quiet that busy mind chatter and fall into a deeply relaxed state.  The true transformation happens in this state. I will guide you on a journey where you will release stuck emotions and beliefs from your past that have kept you in unhealthy patterns within your life and relationship.

Module 2- True You

I am so excited for you to truly meet the “true you”. She has been there your whole life, but has been lost under years of neglecting your authentic self. When you realign with your authentic self, you will begin to feel more connected to yourself, your dream relationships, your dream career and all your other dreams! This reconnection to your authentic self will make you feel so much more satisfied within your life, allowing you to become happier, and creating a life that flows naturally and with ease. I will help you reconnect with your true you, and unleash the power of her so that you can manifest your desired life.

Module 3- Manifestation & Energetics

Manifestation is where your thoughts and your energy create your reality. You do not have to ask the universe for your dreams and desires to enter your life, because you were born with it! These dreams and desires are authentically in you. I will teach you a step-by-step method on how to manifest all your little micro-manifestations, along with your bigger manifestations.

Module 4- Triggers

A trigger is when an unwanted or negative emotion arises within us, that we do not desire to feel. Triggers are these wonderful hints into the inner work that still needs to be done! Embrace these triggers, and congratulate yourself for noticing them! I will teach you how to neutralize your triggers and shadows, so you rarely will feel angry, sad, guilty, embarrassed, fearful  (just to get started)  again!  You will learn how to automatically and gracefully respond to others’ words and situations, without sacrificing parts of yourself.

Module 5- Healing Inner Child

Everyone has an inner child. Your inner child can capture the playfulness you demonstrated in childhood, but it can also hold the emotions and memories associated with challenging times.The memories associated with challenging times from your past, could be considered your ‘wounded’ inner child. I will assist you with healing the wounded aspects of your inner child, so that you can release the pain and hurt from the mini and major traumas of your past.  Disclaimer- you will not relive your traumas, but instead you will feel empowered as the memory will no longer hold you hostage.

save a marriage

Module 6- Romantic Relationships

You will analyze all things attraction, dating, and love, as you dive deep into your past and current romantic relationships. I will help you complete a marriage audit and a “true you marriage blueprint” which will serve as a guide to manifesting the relationship of your desires. I will also help you connect the dots between the unhealthy patterns in your marriage in relation to the types of attachments you had in childhood with your adult caregivers.

Module 7- Cord Cutting

As humans, we emotionally bond with certain people in our lives. When this happens, an energetic cord or attachment is formed between you and that other person. This connection can turn into an attachment- either positive or negative. As we move through our lives, learning, growing, evolving — we must let go of the things that no longer serve us. I will help you detach from aspects of your past or current relationships (romantic partners, family, friends or other people) that may be blocking you from the love, connection and manifestations that you truly desire.

save a marriage

Module 8 - Boundaries

We all need boundaries. A boundary defines a limit that you have set in order to honor your authentic self. A boundary is a clear message, communicated through words. It is essential to healthy relationships. I will teach you how to effortlessly define, tighten and hold all your boundaries.

Module 9 - Navigating Challenges

Challenges occur when we are faced with tough decisions and choices. Challenges often involve using great mental or physical effort in order to overcome them. I will teach you a method that will help you overcome challenges with clarity, ease, confidence and deservingness! After this workshop, you will love coming across a good challenge!

Module 10- Rut & Stuck

A rut is often a period of time in your life when you feel stuck. You are in a pattern of behavior that feels draining, unproductive and difficult to change. Often when in a rut, you will feel like you are out of alignment with your true self, and disconnected from your authentic self. I will teach you the steps to getting clear on what to do next and how to take aligned action so that you can get unstuck and emerge from your rut or rock bottom.

BONUS- Uplevel & Clarity

To uplevel your life means to let go of the things that have held you back in the past. Upleveling occurs when you are in alignment with your blueprint, blocks gone, no longer triggered. It involves letting go of the things that used to hold you back. Upleveling is a time to celebrate! You are energetically where you need to be. I will teach you the ins and outs of the upleveling process, such as “why do I feel so scared?”  “Why am I not upleveling?”  “Why is the Clarity not Coming?”

Soulify Signature Program 

Soulify Signature Program  (12-week) 

  • 3 90-minute Private Coaching Calls
  • Monthly Q&A Calls
  • Daily Messenger Support (ask questions via text & voice message)
  • Portal access to the Marriage Saver Program
  • Access to 20+ Hypno-Journey Collection

*100% Results Guarantee – We are so confident that the Soulify Program will work for you, or your money back. If after going through modules 1-10, completing 40 Hypno-Journey, 3-Private coaching sessions, weekly check-ins, and completing personalized exercises prescribed in the messenger app and you don’t experience a profound shift within your life after releasing emotional blocks and limiting beliefs, I’ll gladly refund every penny. No Hassles!


Soulify Signature Program (12-week)
$ 1997 12-weeks
  • 4 one-hour Private Coaching Calls
  • Monthly Q&A Calls
  • Weekly Messenger Support (ask questions)
  • Portal access to the Soulify Signature Program
  • Access to 20+ Hypno-Journey Collection
  • Payment Plans


Soulify Signature Program (12-weeks)
$ 1297 12-weeks
  • 4 one-hour Private Coaching Calls
  • Monthly Q&A Calls
  • Weekly Messenger Support (ask questions)
  • Portal access to the Soulify Signature Program
  • Access to 20+ Hypno-Journey Collection
  • Payment Plans


LITE- Soulify Signature Program Inclusions (12-weeks)
$ 997 12-weeks
  • 4 one-hour Private Coaching Calls
  • Monthly Q&A Calls
  • Weekly Messenger Support (submit one 60sec question)
  • Portal access to the Soulify Signature Program
  • Access to 20+ Hypno-Journey Collection
  • Payment Plans


MEMBERSHIP- Hypno-Journey Collection (1-year)
$ 347 12-months
  • 4 one-hour Private Coaching Calls
  • Monthly Q&A Calls
  • Weekly Messenger Support (submit one 60sec question)
  • Portal access to the Soulify Signature Program
  • Access to 20+ Hypno-Journey Collection
  • Payment Plans


Beth Miller

Beth Miller is a Marriage Coach, Wife, Mom, Certified Hypnotist, Teacher of Psychology & Reiki Practitioner.  She supports women with fixing their marriage struggles even when their partners don’t want to change. 

Beth helps women transform their lives and marriages by transforming themselves through the power of releasing the subconscious beliefs, thoughts and habits that have kept them stuck in unhealthy patterns within their marriage.  Once the unhealthy habits and patterns have been reprogrammed, then the magic occurs.  The husbands’ of her clients begin to feel more open and secure to share their true thoughts, as they no longer feel judged, nagged or criticized.  The connection, love and intimacy returns once the communication and trust has been rebuilt.


My Happy Clients!

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