How long does it take to fix a marriage?

The good news…

It doesn’t have to take years!

You can make HUGE improvements in 12-weeks!

I use a strategy that works much FASTER than traditional talk therapy.

Here’s how it works!!!

When  “fixing” issues in a marriage… at least one partner needs to do the inner work.

And by doing inner work, I mean…

Getting to the root of the anger, jealousy, sadness, resentment, mistrust, frustration!

Often these emotions come out because we don’t feel heard, seen, understood, loved or accepted. 

And it’s crazy, but often these roots go as far back as past relationships and into childhood.

One of the keys to ending marriage struggles is to work on yourself first. 

Get yourself to a place where you no longer feel triggered, resentful, angry, frustrated, overwhelmed and like you can’t trust them. 

And I’m not saying that what your husband did is ok! 

But when you can interact from a space of love, worth and grace…. It is magical. 

Even if your spouse doesn’t want to change, it truly helps most marriages… 

Not all can be saved! But many can. 

And there are several ways to release those emotions that have been keeping you stuck in the same unhealthy patterns & emotions!!

YES! I am Ready to Save my Marriage!

Book your Complimentary 15 minute “Marriage Roadmap” call where we will dig deeper into your current marriage challenges. Then I will give you a proven strategy that you can implement right away to get your marriage back on track.
3 Ways to Save a Marriage & Feel Happier
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3 Ways to Save a Marriage & Feel Happier

You have been feeling unhappy for months!  Maybe years.   Although a marriage in trouble is upsetting, it can often be repaired more easily than you think. Many couples start to come apart once kids arrive or they become immersed in their career development.  They experience financial troubles, health concerns, extended family conflicts, parenting issues, infidelity

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When Fear Keeps You From Leaving Your Marriage

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This is why you can’t rebuild trust!
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Why you can’t rebuild Trust

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Shocking Divorce Statistics
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Shocking Divorce Statistics

The United States of America has the 6th highest rate of divorce in the world next to (Maldives, Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Belgium). Second marriages have an even higher divorce rate of 60%. While third marriages have a  73% chance of ending in divorce. The average age for couples (in the USA) going through their first

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