When a Yes Feels like a No

   Say No 

Are you sacrificing your time and resources for others?

Do you say yes to things that feel like a no?

Do you sacrifice your own time, money and resources for other people?

We are all like magnets, we pull in the things that we are strong enough to attract.

This goes for-
– relationships
– Careers
– opportunities

Why do you say YES?

1. You may not want to disappoint the other person.

2. You may feel guilty for saying NO, as they wouldn’t ask unless they needed it.

3. If you say NO this time, they may not ask again

This is called playing small.


Sacrificing your needs.

What needs to happen?

Shift your confidence.

Increase your self worth and deservingness of saying  “NO” by releasing the reasons why you feel the need to say “YES”.

Think back to when you first started saying YES to things that felt like a NO. Is there a pattern? Is there a root that can be released. Is there a boundary that needs to be set?

As your belief system shifts, you will only start doing things that light you up. And you will unapologetically say NO to the things that no longer serve you.

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