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Is Your Husband Nicer to Friends and Strangers?

Have you noticed that your husband treats you differently than everyone else, in a bad way? 

  • Does your partner treat others with patience and politeness?
  • Does your partner laugh and joke around more with other people?
  • Does your partner seem kinder and more attentive with other people?
  • Do you feel like other people get to see the “happy” side of him?
  • Do you wish your partner would compliment you more?

It can be heartbreaking, lonely and confusing?

Yes, It’s nice to hear your partner say nice things about you…. Who doesn’t LOVE that!!

However, if the lack of compliments and attention is drastically impacting your marriage…

Then ask yourself this, do you fully believe that you are …

✨ Smart

✨ Beautiful

❤️ Loved

✨Good Enough


If you are not sure, these are your limiting beliefs. 

They block you from creating the marriage and life you are dreaming of?

Once you “reparent” these negative thoughts by talking to them in the most loving and understanding way, then you will neutralize the emotion and the trigger will dissipate.

The subconscious mind will then release any unprocessed emotions associated with these beliefs…Then your life will do a 360!!!

Even if your partner doesn’t say those nice things out loud… you will actually trust and believe that you ACTUALLY are all those things.


  1. When a thought comes up, ask yourself “Why do I believe (insert negative thought) to be true?”  Example- “My Husband Doesn’t Find Me Attractive?”
  1. When have you had this thought in the past?
  1. Challenge the thought by coming up with reasons why this thought is not fact.
  1. Create a healthy replacement thought!
  1. Now, make a list of all the negative things that you believe to be true about yourself, your marriage and take them through the above steps.

If you’re not analyzing your beliefs, you are doing your marriage a disservice!

The key is to get yourself to a place where you have released old beliefs and programmed new beliefs that are loving and supporting of you.

Once you are in this incredible place, you won’t feel the same hurt and sting while witnessing your husband’s kindness towards others.  

Wait…I am not saying what he is doing is right!  However, once you are in a better place to have a conversation with him, the discussion will be much better as you won’t feel triggered.

And lastly, if he can treat a total stranger with kindness and use polite language then he must be capable of doing the same for you.


This is exactly what I show my private clients how to do. If you would like my 1-on-1 help creating a customized Free Marriage Roadmap, then book your Complimentary 15 minute “Marriage Roadmap” call where I will give you a strategy that you can implement right away to get your marriage moving in the direction .
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