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Marriage Industry Lies & Picking the Best Support Program for You

Navigating the ups and downs of a marriage is exhausting. Throw in a hubby who may not want to go to counseling?

Now what? How do you know when it’s time to seek out professional marriage support? 

There are hundreds of Marriage Help options online.   It is overwhelming!  The prices vary from $99 to $15000.  So how do you decide?

Here are some things to consider when looking to select the right program for you & your marriage.

Couples vs Individual Programs

I ALWAYS suggest that couples do individual work before or alongside couples counseling.  My reasoning….Marriage Counselors work on the marriage. While, individual support allows you to go deeper into the root causes of why you are unhappy, resentful, feeling judged or not good enough.

The Soulify Method supports wives and healing their marriages by using the wife as the vehicle for change.  Once she begins to shift her  thoughts and emotions, then she will no longer feel triggered by her partner. If she is no longer triggered by her partner, then the poor communication and arguments will end.

Types of Support

There are a few different ways to seek out support.  Firstly, there is traditional counseling. Marriage counseling is hard work and there are no guarantees.

In my Soulify Coaching Program, I guarantee my results. I only work with women who are determined to get results. I hold their hand through the entire process, and I won’t let them fail.

Within Coaching is an option referred to as ‘Group Coaching’ or ‘1-on-1 Coaching’. Some people enjoy the commorartory of meeting other women.  While some would prefer to not share their marriage struggles with others. 

The Soulfy Program is a 1-on-1 coaching program. The program is customized and tailored  to each client to ensure they maximize their results.

Daily Messenger Access

For most Marriage Support Programs, you will see your counselor once a week, every other week or even once a month.

The issue with this is that so much can happen within those 7-days that derail the progress.  If progress gets stalled, this can leave you feeling frustrated and confused.  The forward momentum of the healing gets stalled. And then couples often spend part of the next session hashing out the challenge

The Soulfy Marriage Saver offers Monday to Friday direct messaging.  You can send Beth a voice or text message outlining your latest triggers and challenges.  The best part is that you will get a response back outlining the exact next steps you need to take!  This ensures that you are on a path to success that doesn’t get stalled or paused for a few days.

Schedule & Flexibility

Life is busy.  Making time for weekly or monthly appointments that you can squeeze into your crowded schedule isn’t always easy. 

And that’s where online marriage support comes in. No drive time necessary. The Soulify Program has clients from around the world.  It is a proven international program that is in English.

Other Things to Consider

  • Training & Licensed
    • Beth Miller, owner of Souliify is a Consulting Hypnotist, Teacher of Psychology and Reiki Practitioner
  • Free Consultation Session
    • Beth offers a free 15-minute call “Marriage Roadmap Call”. The goal of the call is to  ensure that the person walks away with a proven marriage strategy to get you navigating this marriage issue.
  • Cost
    • The Soulify program is approximately $50 to $999/month.
  • Free resources
  • Therapist Availability may be limited
    • You are in luck!  Soulify offers many weekly appointments.  However, if you can’t find a time that works for you, Soulify will accommodate an alternative appointment request that fits better into your schedule.
  • Self-paced
    • You can work through the program at your own pace.

The Soulfy Marriage Saver Program is a results guaranteed program. It is designed to take a deep dive into fixing the unhealthy patterns within your marriage. 

The Soulify Marriage Saver Program will help you to  create a marriage where you identify, release and reprogram deeply rooted beliefs, thought patterns and habits  that may be blocking the connection, love and support that you so truly desire and crave with your partner.  

This program will teach you how to trust yourself and your partner again.  You will get to a place where you no longer feel stuck.  The old patterns of communication and dysfunction will be reprogrammed.  And you will gain clarity on what to do next. 

You can save your marriage even if your spouse doesn’t want to! Check out the program-


Book your Complimentary 15 minute “Marriage Roadmap” call where I will give you a strategy that you can implement right away to get your marriage moving in the direction you need to do to save your marriage fast. That’s it.

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