Help! My Husband Won’t Go To Counseling

My Husband Won’t Go To Counseling

At Soulify, we fully understand that many husband’s are resistant to going to Couples Therapy.  

Over time, many wives start to close off their hearts because it doesn’t feel safe to love after having all their suggestions to mend the marriage shut down.

So before I talk about opening your heart….

It is important that you know you can save a marriage on your own.

Picture this …

Your marriage has more bad days than good days- FEELING DEFEATED!

You wish your partner would compliment you more- FEELING SAD!

Your partner doesn’t help out- FEELING RESENTFUL!

Your partner likes other women’s posts on social media- FEELING JEALOUS

These are ALL EMOTIONS THAT GET ACTIVATED WITHIN YOU because of your partner’s interactions with you.

These emotions get activated within you when TRIGGERED!

When you ignore the feelings of Frustration, Defeat, Sadness, and Jealousy….

Then you strengthen that emotion within you each time your partner acts that way.

The same emotion gets activated as if it were a habit!

Eventually that emotion becomes your automatic go to response to your partner’s behaviors and comments.


You have the POWER to never feel those emotions in those situations again!

You have the power to have a BETTER MARRIAGE!  

To feel HAPPY in your marriage!


Step 1 must be…

So you feel confident, loved & good enough!

And…. so you no longer feel out of control, like you did something wrong, like you can’t trust or need to shut down!

Once you are on stable ground….

Your marriage will become so much better, so fast!

The reason….

Because you show-up differently for your partner!

That is what saves a marriage!  

It starts with you!

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