Overcoming Marriage Struggles 101

I use this technique with ALL my clients.

By the end of our session, they are happy!  

Really happy!

They feel lighter!

Like a weight has lifted off.

I use this technique as a quick and easy way to get over…

  • Anger
  • Being a People Pleaser
  • Infidelity & Jealousy
  • Resentment
  • Traumas 
  • Low Self Confidence
  • Grief
  • Needing someone’s validation
  • Embarrassing events 


As we move through our lives — growing, learning, evolving — we must necessarily let go of that which no longer serves us. 

When we let go, we create space. 

Energetic cords are attachments (healthy & unhealthy) that we have to PEOPLE & EVENTS…

My Client Tina-

Her husband often stays up late playing video games. He goes to bed late. And he leaves his dishes in the living room.  Tina wakes up feeling angry and annoyed. She hates nagging. She feels resentful. Seeing piles of laundry and a dishwasher that never gets emptied stressed her out.

What happened in Our Session-

During our session, we processed and released these emotions! Tina went on a journey into her subconiousmind back to her childhood. Both her parents worked. She was the oldest and responsible for taking care of her siblings and many of the tasks around the home. Her father was an alcoholic and was easily angered.  Her subconscious revealed a memory of her being in the kitchen with both sinks full of dirty dishes. Her Dad entered the kitchen and proceeded to tell her what a useless person she was for not getting the dishes done.  This moment was ingrained in her mind.  This moment was one of the root causes for the stress that having a messy house had on her body.  

How I Helped Tina-
During the session, she healed herself of this memory by cutting cords and freeing herself from the grip of her father’s words and actions.

In the days to come….

  • She was free  of anger and resentment.
  • She stopped nagging.
  • She articulated her needs with confidence and love.  
  • He didn’t feel judged and started helping more.  
  • Their communication improved. 
  • She felt heard and appreciated. 

Cord cutting is a powerful tool to heal from past events that you are still energetically attached too!


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