Shocking Divorce Statistics

Shocking Divorce Statistics

The United States of America has the 6th highest rate of divorce in the world next to (Maldives, Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Belgium).

Second marriages have an even higher divorce rate of 60%. While third marriages have a  73% chance of ending in divorce.

The average age for couples (in the USA) going through their first divorce is 30 years old. 

The top ranking reasons why couples are more likely to get divorced are communication, infidelity & money issues.

The highest risk ‘age’ category for divorce are couples who get married between the ages of 20-25.  They  are 60% more likely to get a divorce.

Those with strong religious beliefs are 14% less likely to get a divorce. 

An interesting fact is that the higher attainment of education someone has, the lower risk of divorce.

The most common months for divorce are March and August every year.

So now to the highest and lowest divorce rates in the United States.

The states with the highest divorce rates in the United States:

  1. Arkansas – 10.7
  2. Oklahoma – 10.4
  3. Nevada – 10.2
  4. New Mexico – 10.2
  5. Kentucky – 10.1
  6. Wyoming – 10.0
  7. Delaware – 9.4
  8. Utah – 9.4
  9. Kansas – 9.2
  10. Alabama/Missouri – 9.1

Like most statistics there are many factors that contribute to the results. If you would like to learn more, check out more info! Sourceworld population review.

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