This is one thing that will NOT save your marriage

This is one thing that will NOT save your marriage….

When it comes to creating the life and marriage that you desire, there are a few things that will not get you results.  

So let’s play a game! 

Which of the following “statements” is the LIE  when it comes to creating a happier LIFE and MARRIAGE?

1.  I need to create a NEW version of ME in order to create the life & marriage I want.

2. VISION BOARDS will create the life and marriage I want.

3. The change needed to create the life and marriage I want is DIFFICULT!



#1 IS TRUE – (you need to create a new version of you)

  •  It’s a gradual process of looking at the beliefs that you have about yourself and your marriage.
  • You will need to process the past feelings/memories in your subconscious in order to  start feeling really good!
  • Then your personality changes! You will be happier and more confident. You feel a way that you have never felt! 
  • The repetition of feeling this way will reinforce these new neural circuits, so when you are exhausted… you will fall back on a solid NEW grounded self.

#2 IS A LIE – (vision boards)

  •  In theory it’s a great idea to make a vision board.
  •  It helps you think positively and see your dreams visually! 
  • But it doesn’t guarantee success. 
  • To become the person we want to be, we can’t just think positive and dream. 
  • We need to take a seriously hard look at ourselves and deal with our “s%#*” from the past.
  • What guarantees success is getting to the root cause of WHY you haven’t manifested the marriage you want.  
  •  Once those emotional blocks are the way… The magic happens!

#3 IS TRUTH – Yup it’s difficult!!

  • Change is difficult! 
  • It can be uncomfortable! 
  • Sometimes it feels safer to stay unhappy than it does to step out into the unknown!  
  •  The reason change is difficult is because your brain is hardwired to react automatically to your environment.
  •  We prefer familiar feelings, situations and thoughts so we can feel prepared.
  • We try to predict our future based on past experiences.
  •  To make change, you need to enter the subconscious mind where these past experiences are stored… and make permanent change.

YES! I am Ready to Save my Marriage!

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