When Fear Keeps You From Leaving Your Marriage

When Fear Keeps You From Leaving Your Marriage

Deciding whether to file for divorce or to keep working on your marriage can be a difficult lengthy process- but it doesn’t have to be. 

Sadly, SAVING A MARRIAGE is not always possible!  And the reason… you can’t control what the other partner does!

But what is a guarantee is that you can get to the place where you have the crystal clear vision of whether to STAY or GO!

It is like a heavy weight lifts off your shoulders once you have done the exploration into your heart and soul, and you have found your answer that it is time to gracefully exit your marriage.

However…fear may be preventing you from leaving!.

You know you want to leave, but the fear is paralyzing. 

Divorce is so expensive!  You don’t want to spend your kids’ college fund on divorce lawyers. 

You don’t want to lose the home and half of everything you own!

You are worried about finances and how your will afford housing and pay bills!

You are worried about the kids too. Will the divorce ruin their future?  

Divorce seems so self-serving. Or, is it self-saving?

Each day you stay married, you are robbing yourself further of the life you desire!

No one tells you the mental and emotional price of staying in a bad marriage.

The bottom line is that once you have come to the decision in your heart,  you must trust that you will be taken care of.  

And fear will be your BIGGEST ENEMY.  It can paralyze you from moving forward for decades.  When you allow fear to paralyze you… you will often look back with reject!

FEAR takes us out of the moment and puts our MIND into the future, the unpredictable, the uncertain.

Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real!

Why put yourself through the worst case scenarios of your future, when that may NEVER happen.

So let’s deal with the fear! 

Make a list of all your fears!

Then analyze each fear using this method.  

  1. What is the evidence that this fear is true?
  2. What are the possible outcomes for this fear (best and worst case)?
  3. If this fear comes true, is there a solution?
  4. Does my happiness outweigh the possiblity of experiencing this fear?

Overall, ending a marriage is a complex decision. 

Seek out advice- a marriage coach, a counselor, lawyer, trusted friends… but ultimately the decision and clarity must come from your heart.

YES! I am Ready to Save my Marriage!

Book your Complimentary 15 minute “Marriage Roadmap” Call  where we will dig deeper into your current marriage challenges. Then I will give you a proven strategy that you can implement right away to get your marriage back on track.
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